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"The Ed Leaders Network videos have been a godsend for our small rural school. South Wilmington Grade School has just under 100 students in K-8, so one-size fits all Professional Development is not always beneficial for our small staff. Now our professional development dollars can be spent on sending teachers to workshops and conferences that target their specific grade levels and needs, while knowing that our mandated requirements are being meet in a meaningful way."
- Cynthia Christensen, Superintendent/Principal, South Wilmington CCSD #74

"The authoring tool is intuitive and extremely easy to use. The instructional video explaining its use was also helpful. I simply made my slides in Power Point & scripted each one in the "Notes" pane. All I had to do was click the Record button & read the screen. MUCH easier than rehearsing timings in Power Point and publishing an MP4 video to upload to YouTube, etc.! Excellent quality with surprising simplicity - a great tool for busy administrators!"
- Matt Jacobsen, Galesburg CUSD 205

"I use the Ed Leaders Network to fulfill my Professional Development requirements to keep my teaching license. The webinars are always interesting and I gain much useful  information from them.
- Joanne Engle, Teacher, Morris Community High School.

"In Danville District 118, we are pleased and excited to be connected with ELN. We continue to take advantage of the online courses that are available to all of our staff in the district."
- Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat, Associate Superintendent

"I am so glad our school district is doing the online training. It is so much more convenient. We can use our PD time at school doing other things."
- Connie Brackney, High School Math Teacher

"The ELN video trainings were greatly appreciated by staff to meet the ISBE mandated trainings. The content was useful and to the point. The automated usage report shows progress for each user and completion status."
- Chuck Schneider, Assistant Superintendent/Principal

"Ed Leaders Network provides immediate, quality professional development on current education topics by experts in the field. With current budget concerns, spending $200 on Ed Leaders Network, keeping professional development in-house, and providing professional development to all staff members just makes sense!"
- Dee Ann Schnautz, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

"ELN provides a variety of quality topics as well as the versatility to customize professional development for individuals as well as small to large groups. ELN provides a higher quality of content delivery compared to other webinars and on-line PD I have experienced. I appreciate the presentation style using images and pertinent screen shots or video for impact opposed to word cluttered slides. I look forward to using this powerful resource in our district."
- Jon Kilgore, Principal

"The Ed Leaders Network is a leading edge web site that provides a wide range of webinars in a timely manner. The webinars are created by leaders in each of the categories and are compact enough in time that I can watch them during the day. The Ed Leaders Network has opened up an entirely new way for me and my staff to get professional development either individually or as a group. The minimal membership fee does not come close to covering the vast wealth of information contained on this site. I would highly recommend the Ed Leaders Network to anyone who is in an educational leadership position and looking for a way to get high quality information to their staff for a very an easy and affordable manner."
- Aaron Hill, Principal

"I am extremely impressed with the quality and quantity of webinars on the ELN site. I love that it's "on demand" and I can find what I need quickly, and get information on my own time. I appreciate this opportunity for professional development."
- Kim Zinman, Principal

"Ed Leaders Network has provided professional networking on many different topics. It is nice to see colleague's questions and concerns and responses from people across the state. I think it has taken the vastness of space that is between districts and brought it down to a smaller scale community. We are all working for student success and having access to conversations with colleagues and webinars on important topics at our fingertips will help advance student performance."
- Rene Garren, Assistant Principal

"I am happy to be a part of the network. I am enjoying connecting with colleagues on critical issues. The webinars that have been made available are high quality. I am not having any issues navigating the site. I believe this network with be a valuable professional development avenue for its members."
- Susan A. Masterson, Coordinator Teacher Education Program

"The ELN is a wonderful initiative that is providing timely, practical, helpful information and strategies for school administrators. I plan to use some of the suggestions in my own work, but will also share information with educational leadership graduate students that I work with at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. My thanks to the state executive directors and their staffs who created ELN as a valuable educational network for administrators."
- Alice Woog, Ed. D.

"The ELN website presents development opportunities in a very professional manner. I especially enjoy the section on "Featured ELN Presenters."  I am able to preview a presenter prior to trying out a new webinar."
- Dr. Barb Hutton, Principal

"I think it’s great!  The website is very easy to use and informative. Edleaders Network encompasses much more than just mandated webinars for school safety.  I have used some of the Common Core webinars and am planning on using more this year."
-  Julie Katzenberger, Principal