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    Demonstrating Excellence in the Teaching Domains - Engagement

    by Gail Huizinga

    This video covers engagement in the classroom and how teachers can truly engage their students. It includes real examples of student engagement as well as concepts that can be applied in the classroom.


    Setting the Landscape for Meaningful Family Engagement

    by the Illinois State Board of Ed

    This interactive webinar will be an opportunity to assess the needs and build a common understanding for what it takes to build meaningful pathways for family engagement that are linked to learning and healthy development. Participants will be able to learn from their peers, practical ways to build partnerships with families and will receive research-based tools and resources.


    Classroom Voices Season 2 - Science: Understanding Soil Composition

    by IPA and ISBE

    See how two co-teachers at Harlem High School have incorporated the Next Generation Science Standards into their curriculum to engage students.


    Gail Huizinga, Educational Consultant

    Gail Huizinga has over 30 years experience in public education. Currently, she provides professional learning opportunities around the state of Illinois through Illinois Reading Council and the Illinois Principal Association.