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    Are Your Students on PaCE to Thrive?

    by Dr. Travis McGuire, Edith Njuguna, and Debbie Pixton

    Through a collaborative process of development, learn how the Postsecondary and Career Expectations (PaCE) Framework and the On PaCE to Thrive guide can be used to impact your students and community. Tools will be shared which can be adapted to meet your individual district needs.

  • NEW

    New Teacher Toolkit: Balanced Assessment

    by Virginia Commonwealth University

    In this segment Dr. Christopher Corallo from Henrico County Public Schools promotes recognition of teacher-made assessment, student produced products, and standardized assessment as balanced assessment.


    Demonstrating Excellence in the Teaching Domains: Questioning

    by Gail Huizinga

    Proficiency in questioning and discussion are critical components of teaching excellence. Strong techniques in these areas promote active, inquiry-based learning, which is required if one’s teaching is aligned with 21st century learning standards.


    Restorative Practices that Support Students, Teachers, and Academic Endeavors.

    by Judy Brunner

    This webinar will provide attendees with a brief overview of restorative practices for schools as well as specific examples of how to enhance school climate while creating respect, cooperation and responsibility both in and out of the classroom.


    Gail Huizinga

    Gail Huizinga has over 30 years experience in public education. Currently, she provides professional learning opportunities around the state of Illinois through Illinois Reading Council and the Illinois Principal Association.