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    The Collab Lab: Teacher-Led Professional Learning

    by Elk Grove High School Staff

    Learn how the Collab Lab at Elk Grove High School serves as a model for teacher-led professional learning and how it has contributed to building a strong, collaborative learning network at Elk Grove, across District 214, and beyond.

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    National Board Video Series: Friendship Scale and Appropriate Conversations

    by Dr. Donald Kachur

    The focus of this Classroom Video Module is of a teacher engaging two 11th grade students in a high school, emotionally disabled self-contained classroom, in a social skills development lesson on how to assess the appropriate conversations to have with others based on where others fit on a friendship scale.


    Teacher Reflection Tips

    by Richard Voltz, IASA

    Dr. Voltz describes tips and suggestions for teacher evaluators to use with teachers when coaching the teacher to improve his/her performance. This is another webinar in a series of webinars on Voltz Effective Teacher Evaluation strategies.


    Sports Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Training

    by IHSA, IESA, BIA, and IPA

    The provisions that will be covered in this presentation are: Mandatory concussion education, concussion oversight teams, Return to Play and Return to Learn protocols, and Emergency Action Plans.


    Dr. Richard Voltz

    Illinois Association of School Administrators

    Dr. Richard Voltz is the IASA Associate Director for Professional Development. Dr. Voltz was a public educator for 37 years, serving as a high school teacher, high school principal and K-12 school superintendent. In addition Dr. Voltz was an adjunct professor in Educational Administration at Eastern Illinois University for more than 15 years.



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